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Aircraft System Testing
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Our textbooks are found not only in the college classroom, but in professional training courses worldwide. We focus on practical information that students and professionals can actually employ in their careers.


Steer Priemer Lonngren Hawkins Ida

SciTech Publishing provides an ever-growing line of textbooks for undergrad and graduate courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Our books also serve as training guides for the defense industry and are also in use by each of the Armed Forces for training everyone from pilots to support personnel. We publish in the following areas:

  • Aircraft System Testing
  • Biomechatronics
  • Circuits
  • Electromagnetics (fundamentals and advanced)
  • Microwave & RF
  • Programming
  • Radar & Electronic Warfare

Our books range from the fundamentals to advanced design, measurement, and testing techniques in multiple topics. You can browse through the entire range using the Subject Areas to the left.

You can download a copy of the textbook section of our catalog here.

If you wish to request a review copy of a textbook, please completely fill out the Review Request form. Review copies are normally sent within 48 hours in North America and 72 hours in all other territories.

We provide excellent discounts for students and for bulk purchases by institutions for training. Students will purchase their books through our partner, Stylus Publishing, and adopting professors will be given the proper discount codes to share with them. If you are conducting a professional or defense course, please contact us directly.

Our textbooks are also available for rental as an eTextbook via CourseSmart. The easiest manner of finding the books at CourseSmart is by using the ISBN in their search box.

Brent Beckley
Marketing Manager - SciTech Publishing

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